Gaining competitive edge in your business and sales begins with opening a store on Allows Edible Grocery store owners, Farmers, Food processing and agriculture equipments sellers with manufacturers alike to list items that falls under the categories listed below :

  • Food
  • Tools
  • Farming
  • Pets

Food section: This section allows you to list any edible item, processed or unprocessed as well as drink of any type on our marketplace for optimum exposure, brand awareness for your products as well as sales. See the food section under marketplace on the homepage for further clarifications.

Tools: This section allows you to list any tool and equipment of any type relating to farming and agriculture as well as any tool or equipment that can process food in our marketplace. See the Tools section under marketplace on the homepage for further clarifications.

Farming: This section avails the farmers to list any farm produce on and gain both national and international exposure for your products. This implies that you can gain opportunity for exports on by listing your cash crops, root crops, vegetables and fruits. See the Farming section under the category for more.

Pets: This section allows Dog breeders, Pet owners as well as vet doctors to list pets for sale. Pet foods and other accessories can also be listed under this category. See our well arranged category under PetVille to know items that can be listed under this category.

Benefits of having a store on

  1. Having store on is very easy and simple.
  2. Having a store on is free of charge.
  3. Your store and your goods on are promoted, which will aid exposure and returns for you and your brand.
  4. focuses on these areas which are interwoven. This implies that items listed on get the right audience/traffic which is good for you and your Brand.
  1. You have a unique store Profile, which can also serve as a website. You can manage your store, add products, have your logo displayed, promote your store etcs.

Own a Store on in These Simple steps :

  • Click vendors Dashboard at the top left corner of our homepage.
  • Scroll down to Register
  • Fill Your email and password
  • Tick “Apply to be a Vendor”
  • Set your profile the way you want it to appear to your customers
  • Upload your Products and share your unique Store URL for Promotion.

Get started 

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