Fixed interest in DeFi made easy.

BarnBridge offers interest rate swaps allowing for any variable yield to be swapped to a fixed rate.

True fixed rates you can rely on

Hedge interest rate volatility in existing DeFi markets like Aave and Compound. Using a carry-forward earned yield mechanism, you get true fixed rates that can be borrowed against.


Fixed means fixed.

BarnBridge’s fixed rates allow you to easily tackle four key pillars: diversification, capital preservation, income, and protection from inflation.

The yield earned during the prior epoch for the pool guarantees the current epoch’s return.

BarnBridge DAO levels up your fixed yield position.

The LP position is taken by the BarnBridge DAO to power up the fixed yield side of the pool. It only earns a nominal funding rate on deposits.

All of the yield that is accrued by LP and fixed yield deposits until maturity is realized yield for the next bond period.

Borrow against your fixed rate position.

When you deposit into the pool, you get proof of liquidity tokens that represent your share of the pool. You can therefore borrow against these tokens at originator markets to lever up your returns.

Grow treasury value and hedge against fiat inflation.

BarnBridge is an ideal solution for funds, DAO treasuries, companies, and family offices to earn fixed rate yield on treasury assets while retaining the ability to exit if the need arises.

Governed by the

BarnBridge is a fully decentralized, community governed protocol with thousands of token holders. $BOND token holders submit proposals and help steer the trajectory of the project.

Audited, open-sourced smart contracts

Security of the BarnBridge protocol is the highest priority. Our battle-tested smart contracts have been audited by the world’s leading firms and are known to be one of the safest in DeFi.