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Launch DAO

Starting with Launch DAO, the Founders, Seeders, and Advisors have been using an Aragon DAO Company Template which used transferable tokens to represent ownership stake. Decisions were made based on stake-weighted voting. The native token of the Launch DAO was $BBVOTE. The Founders received 45%, Seeders received 45%, and Advisors got 10%.

The funds from the seeders and the initial supply of the BOND token have been kept in the Launch DAO treasury. Now all the reserves of BOND token are completely controlled by the BarnBridge DAO and stay in its Treasury. All the decisions about allocating BOND tokens for the future initiatives will be made through the BarnBridge DAO voting mechanism.

BarnBridge Launch DAO

Launch DAO

Template: Company

Use transferable tokens to represent ownership stake in the organization. Decisions are made based on stake-weighted voting.


Support: 62%

Support is the relative percentage of tokens that are required to vote "Yes" for a proposal to be approved. For example, if "Support" is set to 50%, then more than 50% of the toneks used to vote on a proposal must vore "Yes" for it to pass.

Minimum approval: 62%

Minimum Approval is the percentage of the total token supply that is required to vote "Yes" on a proposal before it can be approved. For example, if the "Minimum Approval is set to 20%, then more than 20% of the outstanding token supply must vote "Yes' on a proposal for it to pass.

Minimum approval: 48 hours

Vote Duration is the lenght of time that the vote will be open for participation. For example, if the Vote Duration is set to 24 hours, then token holders have 24 hours to participate in the vote.

  • Tokens are transferable so when another seeds come in 4RC will transfer DAO tokens to them and they will put the funds in the treasury and then have voting power
  • We will have Aragon Agent activated so the DAO can interact with other contracts ... possibility to build in Uniswap and Balancer Pool features.
DAO First Approach

DAO First Approach

BarnBridge is taking a “DAO First Approach” to spinning up the protocol, choosing to use decentralized tools from the start to achieve our final goal of complete decentralization and having a flexible smart contract system able to add / upgrade / remove functionality all based on DAO proposals. There will be an incubator DAO called Launch DAO & the final protocol DAO called BarnBridge DAO

DAO First Model

Launch DAO

  • Aragon Reputation Template DAO: Company
  • Holds the funds and BOND token
  • Controlled by Launch DAO tokens
  • See Launch dao diagram for breakdown


  • Whitepaper
  • Dev Roadmap to MVP w/ milestones

Liquidity Mining

  • Yield Farming
  • Liquidity Pool Incentivization

DAO Vote / Diamond Upgrade
SMART Yield Bond Module

  • Market price exposure risk mitigation using tranched volatility derivatives.

BarnBridge DAO

  • Controlled by BOND tokens
  • Controls the Diamond for the protocol (EIP-2535)

SMART Yield Bond Module

  • Interest rate volatility risk mitigation using debt based derivatives.

2 year “Fair Vesting” BOND pariticipants

  • Founders
  • Seeders
  • Advisors / Partnerships

Distribution Breakdown

  • 60.00% Community
  • 12.50% Core team
  • 10.00% DAO Treasury
  • 8.00% Yield Farming
  • 7.50% Investors
  • 2.00% Advisors

BOND is BarnBridge